Company Profile

Nefe is a firm which specialises in the manufacture of high quality leather belts and accessories, a place where the creative ideas of major names on the world fashion scene take shape.

A pioneer of “handmade in Tuscany” products, Nefe was founded in Borgo San Lorenzo back in 1967 by Mario Nencioli and Silvano Franciolini, with the aim of perpetuating, innovating and disseminating the great tradition of artisan leatherwork.
Over time the firm reached a leading position worldwide in the development and manufacture of belts for the most important fashion houses, and in 1997 Nefe expanded its production facilities to the present premises, a 1,200 square metre factory which today employs thirty skilled leather workers and highly qualified professionals.
The story of the Nefe enterprise is the tale of a legacy of skills and experience inherited by the new generation of the family, who are proud to carry forward their forefathers’ commitment to excellence and know-how.
In order to better respond to the complexity of the contemporary scene, Nefe has established a network of selected artisan workshops in the local area which can guarantee the highest quality standards when certain processes need to be outsourced.
A highly valued partner of fashion stylists, designers and art directors from the very best luxury leather maisons, Nefe works side by side with the client at every stage, from initial idea to finished product. Because at Nefe, every new project is an exciting creative challenge to be successfully met.


We have always operated with complete transparency and respect for the law, workers’ rights and environmental protection. Clients’ patterns are handled with maximum confidentiality, respecting intellectual property and trade secret. Because our reputation is a valuable asset earned over many years, a pact of trust which is renewed every day.


We manufacture most of our products in-house on our own premises. When necessary, some of our processes involve outsourcing to a carefully selected network of third-party firms who operate in the local area in accordance with our rigorous quality standards. We constantly monitor the entire production chain and every process – both in-house and external – right up to delivery of the finished product.


Handcrafting beautiful things means preserving know-how handed down through the generations to shape the superior quality of our creations, genuine Made in Italy luxury icons. But it also means excelling in the quest for original solutions and experimenting with innovations which open up new aesthetic possibilities, so that we can continue to create the future of tradition.



At your disposal to coordinate the purchase of raw materials and supplies, update you on the progress of designing and manufacturing your items and plan times and logistics for delivering your order. With all the advantages of direct, personal contact with your dedicated contact person: a single interlocutor, to simplify communication and optimize processes.


Our legacy of technical and commercial expertise supports the client during the research, selection, provisioning and storage of raw materials and accessories, in order to fulfill the most exacting requests and always offer solutions which exceed expectations.


Staff highly specialised in the digital and manual execution of patterns, developed with enormous sensitivity and skill from sketches and drafts. The know-how gained over time in the creation of prototypes which are extremely faithful to the original design allows us to respect schedules for market presentations of prototypes, identify any potential issues and promptly investigate any necessary modifications and colour matches.


The gorgeousness of the hand-crafted meets technological innovation to offer our clients’ Style and Research Centres unparalleled creative possibilities. A vast range of processes and treatments, exclusive and extremely diverse solutions such as plaiting, studding, metal strips, embroidery, patchwork, embossing, high-frequency printing and laser processes, hot stamping and currying.